6 trends for winter shoes and boots

In the fall and winter, our habits change; we will spend more time at home in the warmth than outside. For the most adventurous who still want to practice sports in winter such as hiking or running, it is important to select the right shoe models such as walking boots or winter hiking boots.

Winter activities can vary from time to time, from picking up dead leaves from your garden, walking in the forest, cycling or jogging every day, you will not wear the same shoes!

Women’s boots, slippers, sports shoes, we present you the essentials to have in your wardrobe to spend a winter in complete serenity while remaining on the lookout for winter shoe trends, especially if you wear orthotics! Good footwear is essential and a selection of high-quality shoes is essential.


6 fall/winter 2019 trends

Winter is fast approaching and your pretty sandals or light shoes have no place left. Goodbye open shoes and hello to models like booties or warm and comfortable winter boots. Taking care of your feet during this cold period is therefore essential. Whether they are printed, colored, flat or high heel, leather, patent, velvet, but also hiking or sports shoes, you will be spoilt for choice.

Need advice and inspiration to face winter on the right foot? Here are the autumn-winter trends discovered by our team of experts and available in all our branches. Enough to start the new season with style and comfort!

Warm, light and functional boots for women or men

Among the 2019 trends, there are of course the booties. Worn by both women and men, these winter boots are perfect for spending the winter in complete peace of mind. Major specialized brands such as Anfibio, Pajar or Nexx offer excellent models:

  • The Galat from Pajar for women: The urban boot par excellence. Warm, light and functional, it does not forget to give you a chic look while keeping your feet dry.
  • The Monica from Olang for women: This mid-calf boot is perfect for snowy or rainy days. Ideal to keep you warm all winter long.
  • The Anfibio Versant for Men: A trendy look for your outdoor activities, thanks to these winter boots in the moccasin style.
  • Nexx Men’s Ice Flint: A classic, practical and casual boot for the city. A sure bet for anyone looking for a light and functional boot.
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Sports shoes

Sports shoes are a must in any wardrobe. Young and old alike will love them for their color, their technical properties, but above all for their comfort and durability.

Ultra-comfortable shoes, they will be your comfort allies! You will find all types of models, with a very bright color palette and recognized brands such as New Balance, Asics and a new one this year, Saucony!

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Walking or hiking boots

The role of your hiking boots and shoes is to provide comfort and support when you walk the trails. Whether it’s lightweight trail running shoes, short hiking boots or long hiking boots with better support, you’ll find this type of shoe in all its forms this year.

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And finally the slippers for a cocooning mode

As the best friend of sofa lovers, you want to feel comfortable at home and not have to wear shoes. That’s why the slipper is here! Protects and supports your foot without having to put on shoes, you will stay warm with the comfortable and safe slippers offered by Medicus.

It is important to define the type of shoes that will suit you, this will first involve an accurate measurement of your feet (foot length).

At Medicus even large sizes will find their shoes with big feet shoes! And, it should also be noted that all can accommodate the wearing of a plantar orthosis, if necessary.

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