Boost athletic performance with compression stockings

What are support stockings used for?

We already know about compression stockings for their preventive or medical aspect. A little less for their stimulating effect. The fact remains, however, that compression stockings play a certain role in sportsmen and women, in terms of their performance, for recovery during or after physical exercise.

The ultimate role of the compression stocking is to optimize venous return, thus improving the speed at which the blood – then deprived of its oxygen – returns to the heart to replenish the CO2. By definition, the compression stocking compresses the tissues peripheral to the circulatory system (muscles and ligaments), thus allowing blood to not stagnate in the venous circuits of the legs, where it is constrained by physiological obstacles (such as gravity, among others).


Why do athletes wear compression stockings?

First of all, it is important to know that oxygen is a rich source of energy for athletes. If we understand that the level of oxygen available in the blood is a determining factor in its energy reserve, it is easy to deduce that athletes are a clientele dedicated to wearing compression stockings.

The effects of this compression are numerous. The compression stocking also has the advantage of preventing certain pathologies. Varicose veins and spider veins, which are known to impair optimal sports performance, are examples of these.

3 benefits of compression for athletes

  1. Mechanical level: Muscle vibrations in athletes (such as runners) are responsible for micro-injuries. The compression stocking reduces these vibrations as much as possible, thereby reducing the risk of micro-injury.
  2. Psychological level: The compression stocking brings a feeling of well-being and a particular comfort to the sportsman, which can give him more confidence and thus increase the duration and performance of his activities.
  3. Thermal level: In certain cases, compression allows a thermoregulatory effect, which considerably reduces the risk of muscular overheating in athletes.


Choosing your compression stocking

There are many products on the market when it comes to shopping for compression stockings. You will find them in different price ranges, styles, colors, and other criteria.

For an informed choice, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from people who know about compression garments (from stockings to compression sweaters), like Médicus. A certified compression garment fitter is the best person to advise you on the different advantages of socks depending on the brand, and also depending on the use you plan to make of them will help you make the right choice.

Don’t hesitate to consult one of our experts in the field to make sure you select the right product, the one that best suits your practice.


Validated by Annie Pépin, Compression garments clinician at Médicus



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