How do I wear and maintain my knee brace?

Benefits of wearing the knee brace

First of all, let’s recall the many benefits of wearing a knee brace. Some braces and splints are designed to completely stabilize the knee, while others protect the joint tissue while allowing movement.

Here are some conditions and pathologies for which a knee brace can be used:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament rupture
  • Internal sprain or external knee sprain
  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Joint locking of the knee
  • Joint or ligament pain
  • Following knee surgery


How do I maintain my knee brace?

As with any medical accessory, the knee brace requires good maintenance. This is what will allow the different components to be kept in good condition and also, what will make its properties last over time.

Here are our best tips for the proper maintenance of your knee brace:

  • Wash your brace regularly, by hand, with warm water and neutral soap. Do not let it soak.
  • Sponge the brace with a towel to absorb moisture and let it dry.
  • Keep your brace away from direct heat sources.
  • Do not use alcohol, ointments or solvents when wearing or maintaining the brace.
  • Never oil the joint. If the joint does not function normally, it must be repaired by your orthotist.
  • Maintain good skin hygiene under the brace. Remove it daily to clean it.


For maximum effectiveness of the treatment plan and also to prolong the life of your orthosis, carefully follow the instructions given to you at delivery. It is important and recommended to regularly check the straps and cushioning of your orthosis, but also its conformity with your morphology.


If you notice any of these signs, please make an appointment with an orthotist

  • Pain, pressure points or discomfort when wearing the brace ;
  • Damaged strap or padding
  • Lifestyle changes: diet, exercise, activities, etc.

In case of discomfort or continuous pressure points, make an appointment with your orthotist

Learn more about the maintenance and warranty of your braces

The evolution of knee braces

Scientific advances in the field of orthopedics have, in recent years, brought major changes in the design of knee and other orthotics.

Materials are becoming increasingly flexible and lightweight, allowing the patient to have even greater benefits. The advanced technology used in the creation of orthotics offers targeted clienteles harmony in terms of comfort, stability, reliability, and effectiveness.

Our industry’s continuous progress is aimed at giving you access to quality, durable orthotics while providing physicians with efficient treatment and rehabilitation tools.

For example, the Evoke® orthosis, exclusive to Médicus, is the first knee brace for osteoarthritis to reproduce the natural movement of the knee. It is 50% lighter than all other osteoarthritis orthoses.


Validated by Emmanuel Beauchemin, Head clinician at Médicus 

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