How to easily travel with a portable CPAP device?

Advantages of hand-held CPAP devices

There are many advantages to the portable CPAP devices available today. The important thing is to understand the circumstances in which a person with sleep apnea needs them. No matter what level of apnea you are diagnosed with, a CPAP adapted for your travels and travel activities is essential. Treatment for sleep apnea is optimal when it is continuous.

Very often, patients set aside their sleep apnea machines when it is time to pack for a dream destination or a business trip. “It’s cumbersome and I’ll survive a few days without my sleep apnea mask,” they say. The important thing to remember is that when the treatment stops, the symptoms return. Symptoms such as headaches, irritability, excessive fatigue, and drowsiness are easily avoided with the portable CPAP device. In addition to the fact that it allows you to keep a better energy level, it also provides benefits such as:

  • Smaller: easy to take with you in your luggage
  • Can fit in carry-on luggage
  • Proven reliability and efficiency
  • Smart device: Some devices (such as Resmed’s AirMini) allow you to stay connected and get your treatment data as it is transmitted to the application, once the device is turned off.


Preparing your CPAP device before traveling

Although there are compact devices, it is still possible to travel with the more traditional device (this one is used to treat sleep apnea at home). However, preparation steps are recommended by respiratory therapists to avoid damage, breakage, and inconvenience.

Air travel

Optimal packaging of the device

Always use the carrying bag provided by the manufacturer or a bag with padding. The device must always be with you in the aircraft, never in the baggage compartment. In addition, as long as the unit is being moved, you must empty the tank of its contents.

Going through airport security

Usually, you’ll get through security without a problem. However, it is always advisable to have your prescription or a letter from your doctor on hand in case you wish to verify the legitimacy of your machine. Airlines reserve the right to require a medical certificate from your doctor, or to refuse certain types of aircraft.

Having a copy of your prescription and invoice also avoids charges for transporting the medical device. You’ll also avoid customs charges on your return, since the purchase was made in Canada, before departure.


Travel on the road or on the water

  • Do not power your CPAP device directly from a vehicle battery (it may run down quickly).
  • If your treatment requires oxygen, do not use a battery to avoid the risk of fire.
  • If you do not have access to an electrical outlet, a marine battery suitable for 12 VDC can be used, depending on the model used. In addition, the humidifier must be set to 0 if it wishes to spend a complete night with the battery.
  • Always ask in advance about the availability of a power outlet and use your battery if necessary.

Feel free to test your device when you arrive at a destination. This way, you will avoid having to deal with imponderables at night if a problem occurs.


Why buy a travel CPAP device

The AirMini Travel CPAP device from the renowned ResMed brand is a compact, stylish, intelligent, and proven portable CPAP device. It weighs 300g and is no more than 14cm in length. It is the perfect device for travelers who want to travel without the stress of preparing their CPAP device at home. It fits very well in hand luggage, so the user can enjoy it with complete peace of mind for his sleep periods on the plane.

It offers equivalent efficiency to that offered by ResMed’s conventional CPAP devices. An easy-to-integrate and intuitive mobile application allows you to keep an eye on your treatment data while on the move.

Another exciting device is the Respironics DreamStation GO. It is very versatile, lightweight, and compact, with the ability to add a humidifier and battery, and it’s designed to be portable!

For a person undergoing sleep apnea treatment who wants to travel without hassle, there is every reason to buy an AirMini or the DreamStation GO.

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