Our favorite shoes for summer

A change of footwear for summer is often necessary when the warm weather is at our doorstep. As a matter of fact, your shoes at the back of the closet may have become too worn to fully meet your needs.

Fortunately, there are many stylish shoes available on the market for all foot types and requirements. Several brands, such as Ara, Dunham, New Balance or Mephisto can offer you style, support, and comfort at the same time. However, to avoid foot pain and discomfort, you need to seek professional advice.

Here are our favorite shoes for this spring, as well as the criteria you will need to choose the right ones.


Criteria for choosing your shoes for summertime

Before deciding what shoe style to choose, take the time to draw up a list of the criteria to meet, in order to properly compare the different models.

Below are a few points to consider:

  1. Your needs and habits: naturally, your choice of footwear will not be the same if you want to play sports, head to the beach or step out in the city.
  2. The morphology of your foot: flat or hollow feet sometimes require custom orthotics. If this applies to you, remember to bring them with you so you can try them on in your shoe.
  3. Foot stability: take the time to walk around in your shoes to ensure that they provide proper support for your feet.
  4. Material: leather, fabric, and vinyl are among the most popular materials available on the market. Consider selecting a material that is durable, resistant, waterproof and breathable.
  5. Comfort: choose a model that feels comfortable on your feet.

And don’t forget to bring a pair of socks to try on with your new shoes.


The types of shoes for summer

By understanding your needs, you will know what type of shoe is right for you:

  • Dress shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Running shoes


Our featured shoes

Interested in learning which models are best suited for the arrival of good weather? Here are seven of our favorite shoes! They are all designed to accommodate removable orthotics or insoles.


  • Ara Renata: This women’s shoe is very lightweight and ideal for absorbing moisture. Available in a choice of blue or floral colors, this bamboo shoe maximizes your foot comfort.
  • Mephisto Fabienne: Its light grey color makes it an ideal all-purpose choice for the city. The Mephisto Fabienne’s Velcro strap is adjustable, ensuring it fits a wide range of foot shapes. This padded model is also designed with extra width in the forefoot.
  • Mephisto Quirina: This new, ultra-light women’s sandal allows you to walk comfortably, thanks in particular to its cork sole. With its adjustable straps, your foot is guaranteed stability while you walk.
  • Finn Comfort – Gomera: Hand stitched, this black leather sandal is a resilient model for all women. In addition, its Velcro closures make it a very adjustable model for your feet. And its moisture-resistant, tanned leather lining is ideal, even on the hottest days!
  • Mephisto Vito: An elegant and robust model, specifically designed to provide effective support for the heel and Achilles tendon. This leather shoe is suitable for many occasions, in addition to providing excellent shock absorption.
  • New Balance 1080: This extremely breathable sneaker is available in red, blue or black. Its width is also adjustable, making it a neutral and versatile model. In addition, its advanced cushioning maximizes your comfort and reduces the impact of shock while running!


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