Shoe Trends To Keep Summer On The Right Foot

The warm season means more activities, more travel, and necessarily more time walking outdoors, on different surfaces. It is now possible to benefit from a comfortable and adapted sandal or shoe, as well as from current trends.

Whether or not you wear a foot orthosis, manufacturers of orthopedic shoes and sandals offer a wide range of styles. In this article, you will find 5 trends and different types of shoes and sandals that will meet your needs, whatever activity you will be doing this summer.

Sandals in dynamic and vibrant colors

Nothing represents good weather more than dynamic and vibrant colors. Adjustable and offering orthopedic versatility, sandals are showing off in bright, cheerful colors this season.

Not only will our brightly colored sandals help you keep up with the latest summer fashion trends, but they will also provide great comfort for your feet. This makes them ideal for all occasions.

Besides offering optimal breathability, our sandals are all equipped with a removable sole, which leaves enough space to accommodate a foot orthosis, allowing them to adapt to your lifestyle.

Pastel and coquette shoes

These shoes offer a modern and bright look without neglecting comfort. They also give you flexibility by allowing you to insert your orthopedic inserts.

The lightness of the materials used makes them suitable for use during spring and summer. Perfect for all occasions, these versatile models will add a lively touch to your gait while keeping your feet comfortable.

Timeless classic shoes

The use of rich and supple materials such as leather and black gives these types of shoes a classic and timeless look. Their versatility in use and unparalleled comfort make them a favorite.

Not only are they beautiful, but they also offer great comfort. These elegant classics are, therefore, perfect for activities such as business events, social gatherings, and many more.

Walking sandals

Improved year after year, the walking sandal offers great versatility in its use. Extremely comfortable with adjustable and lightweight straps, it allows you to accommodate an orthosis.

Also, this sandal is extremely light, flexible, and adjustable, which gives the feeling of a second skin. This makes it ideal for hot summer days and days at the beach.

Favorite running compagnions

Loving models season after season, these shoes are adapted as much for running as for walking on flat ground. These types of shoes are designed to provide you with reliable comfort and are compatible with your foot orthosis. Here are a few reasons why these types of shoes are comfortable and ideal for running and walking on flat ground:

  1. Excellent support behind the heel thanks to its insoles, which ensures better stability of the foot.
  2. Lightness and great breathability. This allows your foot to feel free.
  3. Durable outsoles that are ideal for absorbing shock to the feet and knees when running or walking on flat surfaces. In the long run, it’s great for the health of your feet and knees.

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