Knee Sprain

What is a knee sprain?

A knee sprain is an injury (stretching or tearing) of one or more of the knee ligaments.

There are four main ligaments in the knee: two lateral ligaments (inner and outer) and two central, or crossed ligaments (anterior and posterior). Damage to one of the two crossed ligaments is the most serious because it greatly compromises the stability of the knee.


Where does it come from?

A knee sprain is often caused by twisting of the joint, where which the foot remains locked on the ground.


How can it be recognized?

The severity of the damage causes variation in the degree of knee pain and swelling. During a severe sprain, the person often has a feeling of dislocation, accompanied by very intense pain. Swelling then appears gradually.

After a sprain, it is recommended to rest the knee, immobilize it with a bandage and apply ice. Consult a doctor promptly.


Treatment solutions for a knee sprain

  1.       Opt for a foot orthosis

Wearing a foot orthosis helps mitigate certain symptoms by offering better stability and restoring the good alignment of the knee.

2.      Wear a knee orthosis

For optimum rehabilitation, the doctor may prescribe a knee orthosis to be worn at all times, or only when engaged in sports or walking. It protects the joint and protects the stability of the knee and the kneecap.