Leg pain

Not only do your legs carry you all day, but they are the strong points of many activities: standing, walking running, getting up, sitting down, going up and down stairs, lifting a load. If you feel discomfort, observe your symptoms well: they have varied causes and the right treatment requires that they be properly identified.

If you have pain in the tibia, this may be periostitis. If your discomfort is more similar to a heaviness in your legs, it could come from poor  circulation and result in varicose veins, edema or even lymphedema.


What Medicus can do for you

By making an appointment with one of our credentialed orthotists and prosthetists, it is much easier to identify the source of your leg pains. They evaluate your symptoms, make a diagnosis and advise the right treatment that can increase your comfort.

In the case of periostitis, wearing  foot orthotics  is indicated. If a circulatory problem is involved instead, compression garments are an effective treatment. Regain the pleasure of being active without limits.




Edema is a phenomenon corresponding to the infiltration of serous fluid into the various subcutaneous tissues. [Learn more…]



Lymphedema corresponds to a swelling of the tissues infiltrated by an abnormal quantity of fluids.  [Learn more…]



Periostitis corresponds to an inflammation of the periosteum, the fibrous membrane that envelopes and protects the bones.  [Learn more…]



Varicose veins correspond to permanent enlargement of the subcutaneous veins, generally located in the lower limbs.  [Learn more…]