Review some testimonials from our valued customers


  • Jocelyne B.

    I have always had excellent service. I was welcomed every time I visited. The orthotist Natalie is super competent and professional. She is generous with her time.

  • Martin T.

    As I passed by I saw an orthosis on the front, I was at dinner time, I went up to see them and they greeted me with professionalism, took my measurements and here I am, a satisfied customer! 10/10

  • Julien N.

    I needed an orthosis and Pénélope was able to advise me brilliantly and professionally. She took the time necessary to explain everything to me on my feet, and she knows her subject very well.

  • Felix R.

    I am very satisfied with the professionalism and kindness at the call center! I was served by Miss Samira, she takes the time to help you and does everything necessary for quality service.

  • Francine T.

    Thank you to Ms. Stéphanie for the quality service and above all for your professionalism!!! These are my first orthotics and I already see a nice improvement. I shouldn’t have waited so long. Now I enjoy my daily walks more.

  • Farah M.

    Thank you for the great service from A to Z!!! Very professional and the whole team is radiant with their smiles!

  • Laly L.

    Very good service!! Especially with Madame Annie, she gave me exceptional service when I was looking for support stockings.

  • Julien P.

    We were extremely well received at the Médicus reception by Julie, who showed exceptional kindness. Even though we had not sought her help in resolving our missing prescription problem, she took the initiative to contact all the medical centers and clinic we had been referred to. We are without a family doctor and often wandered from clinic to clinic. Thanks to the efforts of Julie and the entire Médicus Rockland team, a solution was finally found. In addition, we were impressed by Médicus’ services. Their selection of orthotics is impressive, with options tailored to different conditions and treatment plans. Their team of orthotists-prosthetists is really competent and helped us a lot. We highly recommend Médicus to anyone looking for quality care and a warm welcome. Thanks again to Julie and the entire Médicus team for their valuable help.

  • Liliane G.

    Thanks to Mr. Iouri’s good care, his professionalism and his kindness made the experience of the corset a pleasant one. I could not have wished for a better professional, thank you for making my life easier with your care.

  • Pat L.

    I went to buy orthopedic shoes and was very well received. The service was caring, friendly and warm. Thank you!

  • Had R.

    I am very satisfied with my visit and the good advice from the orthotist Frédérique. She helped me a lot with an Aircast walking boot following a broken foot.

  • Gilles F.

    The Terrebonne orthotist is so nice and professional and always tries to find solutions to my problem. As soon as we enter the clinic, we are taken in hand and we see that the client is important.

  • Jocelyne R.

    Natalie deserves the prize for her competence, courtesy and empathy. You quickly realize that she loves what she does and her patients. She is an important asset for Médicus.

  • Katayoun A.

    I needed an immobilizer knee brace for my teared ACL, they patiently worked with me and found me the best brace which would fit best and easier to use for my body type. I had a very pleasant visit and I absolutly love my brace!

  • Fernand A.

    Nice place to shop and great selection at competitive prices. I highly recommend it!

  • André C.

    Thank you for the excellent customer service of Ms. Alicia who was understanding and knew how to popularize her knowledge. I recommend it to you!

  • Caroline G.

    Wow, I was served by Mr. Luc.. He listened to my needs. Unparalleled patience with his colleagues, my mother and me. He answered all my questions and more. He took 3 hours with me for a wheelchair. He didn’t even have dinner, because he took his time with me. He was exceptional.

  • Geneviève L.

    Very nice place and well located. Fairly fast service depending on the traffic and very polite. Very happy with my appointment.

  • Lucie G.

    Great service. Last minute of closing. Julie welcomed me with great empathy. She was waiting for me with the wheelchair. The orthotist took the time to explain everything to me about the benefits of the boot and the importance of putting it on correctly. Exceptional service. Thanks! It made me feel safe.

  • Chantal D.

    Courteous welcome and informed, qualified and friendly technician. I loved my meeting.

  • Stéphanie G.

    Good customer service experience on the phone to obtain a product out of stock in most Médicus stores. I was called back to offer to bring the item in question from a branch exceptionally. I really appreciated that someone searched for the product for me, then found a solution!

  • Mel T.

    I arrived at the store around 4:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, looking for a splint for a humerus fracture since I couldn’t find one anywhere. So they welcomed me even though the shop was closing soon and I was able to consult an orthotist. In 10 minutes, I left with my splint and a big smile. The staff is friendly, courteous and attentive. I recommend!

  • Bruce T.

    The service is excellent. Caring staff. The repair service is efficient and gives excellent service.

  • Stéphanie G.

    Good first contact, good service at the counter, and above all excellent technicians in their field.

  • Dre. Dominique Synnott

    Excellent service. Quick follow-up and response from Julie. Orthotist’s follow-up, patience, and careful adjustment, finding a solution to the knee pathology. Really, I must underline this clear, fast, dedicated, and respectful service.

  • Pauline B.

    A very good professional employee at the reception, very happy with the time granted to answer me with a smile.

  • Émilie M.

    Great service. A warm welcome and sound advice that leaves me with very good memories of my visit to Médicus.

  • Carolle H.

    We always have excellent service. Responds professionally to our specific needs. Big thanks!!