Home adaptation

Due to a loss of mobility or autonomy, some assistance needs may arise. That’s why Médicus offers sales and installation services for a wide range of home retrofitting equipment. From simple access ramps to passenger transport equipment, our team assists you in choosing the best equipment for you, according to your needs and your budget.

We offer the possibility of providing your home with equipment for the bathroom, the bedroom, ramps or even stairlifts or lifts.

Installation is done by professionals who make sure that your home is as accessible as possible. Depending on your needs and your budget, we aim to give you the independence needed to continue all your daily activities.

Our home retrofitting service enables you to:

  • Optimize the accessibility of a residence;
  • Provide a maximum of autonomy;
  • Provide comfort and safety.

Where to find us?

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Médicus Savard Québec

1350 Rue Cyrille-Duquet
Québec, quebec
G1N 2E5

Médicus Rosemont

2815 Sherbrooke Est #100
Montréal, quebec
H2K 1H2

Médicus Oxybec Sherbrooke

981 rue King Ouest
Sherbrooke, quebec
J1H 1S3
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