Supplier: ResMed

Model: Airfit F10

Code: 109206

Mask Airfit F10


Without front support, the AirFit F10 mask has the simplicity and ease of installation of the Quattro Air mask to give you the comfort you need. Your field of vision is not affected when you wear it so you can use your glasses, read or watch TV in bed while wearing your mask. Its small number of components makes its use intuitive.



  • Improved comfort: The AirFit F10 mask is small, lightweight and comfortable. Its Spring Air ™ bubble is soft and pleasant on your face and its SoftEdge ™ harness is made of a textile designed to reduce marks and ensure comfort and support.
  • Sealing and stability: The rigid surround and harness are unique and work together to provide stability and sealing throughout the night.
  • Ease of use
  • Ultra silent
  • Convenient