Supplier: Sigvaris

Model: Merino Whool 20-30 mmHg

Code: 106665

Merino socks 20-30 mmhg


The use of graduated compression socks to help improve athletic performance and recovery is a growing trend among competitive and weekend athletes.


Benefits and advantages:

  • increased circulation and improved blood flow
  • better oxygen supply to muscle tissues
  • reduction of muscle strain and less muscle pain in the legs following exercise
  • less accumulation of lactic acid in the legs during exercise
  • improved energy, performance and recovery wound prevention and reduction of periostitis and calf cramps



  • Graduated compression from 20 to 30 mmHg optimizes athletic performance
  • Australian merino wool socks made of fibres that do not cause itching
  • Gives the skin a feeling of softness and comfort
  • Natural durability and antimicrobial capacity as well as thermoregulatory power
  • Absorb 35% of their weight in water, keeping the skin dry longer
  • The cushioned plant prevents blisters and the soft mesh areas provide more ventilation



  • 67% merino wool non-irritating
  • 26% nylon
  • 7 % élasthanne