Our team

A team on a human scale

At Médicus, we are proud to help our customers constantly improve their performance, mobility and comfort by offering distinctive products and services. Every day is driven by a desire to help which makes the day-to-day work a real sense of accomplishment.

This is why we prioritize the values ​​of compassion, mutual aid and excellence, so as to constantly innovate and meet the challenges that drive us.


  • Michel Lanctôt

    Managing Director
  • Jacinte Bleau

    Director - Laboratory
  • Linda Tremblay

    Director - Finances and operations
  • Alexandra Kovacs

    Director - Marketing
  • Mélissa Garand

    Director - Human Ressources
  • Sophie Perreault

    Director - Institutional Division
  • Judith Langlois

    Director - Purchases and supply
  • Richard Havey

    Director - Montreal
  • Sandra Guillemette

    Director - South Shore
  • Stéphane Legendre

    Director - North Shore
  • Marie-Josée Guillet

    Director - Quebec
  • Marilyne Lemay

    Director - Sherbrooke
  • Allyson Heppell

    Director - Rimouski
  • Janie Aubut

    Director - Rivière-du-Loup
  • Denis Ouimet

    Director - Valleyfield