Maintenance and repair

In order to ensure optimal safety when you travel, Médicus offers maintenance and repair services for your motorized vehicles (four-wheel drive scooters, three-wheel drive scooters) and your walking aids (crutches, walkers, canes, etc.).

If you own a mobility aid vehicle, remember that a regular checkup by a qualified mechanic is essential. This helps prevent breakdowns and maximizes the life of your vehicle. That’s why Médicus gives you the possibility of performing a complete tune-up, performed by our professionals.

The Maintenance and Prevention program covers:

  • Inspection of the electrical system;
  • Driving adjustment;
  • Safety check;
  • Complete lubrication;
  • Verification of motor brushes;
  • Battery check;
  • And more.


A basic safety inspection sheet is provided, certifying that all crucial points have been verified.

In the event of breakdown, the repair of your vehicle or your walking aid is also covered. Contact us at any time or visit one of our branches. If necessary, we will loan you an equivalent product during the repair period.

Where to find us?

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