What is pain?

Pain is a sensory experience specific to each individual. It is usually the result of physical damage, but also presents chronically, with no apparent cause.

Pain is uncomfortable. It has a direct impact on our quality of life and can affect multiple aspects of our daily routine.

  • Mood, morale, patience
  • Social life, feeling of isolation
  • Sleep
  • Financial situation and employment
  • And more

For your physical and psychological health, do not hesitate to take action if you feel pain. Here’s some information to help you determine the right treatment to find relief and regain the pleasure of moving freely.


What are the different types of pain?

Pain is a complex phenomenon with different levels of severity. However, it usually falls into two broad categories: acute pain and chronic pain.

Acute pain

Acute pain has causes that are generally easy to identify. It is associated with temporary physical injury or problems such as fractures, sprains, tears, burns, surgery, etc.

Acute pain gradually resolves in less than three months as the cause disappears and the person recovers.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain develops for no clear reason and lasts more than three months. The World Health Organization gives it the status of a “disease” because it is not a symptom.

According to the Government of Canada, nearly 8 million Canadians live with chronic pain.


How can pain be prevented?

Pain often occurs unexpectedly, for example following a false move or accident. However, in some cases we can anticipate it and even take measures to prevent it.


It’s not a guarantee, but people who adopt a healthy lifestyle are better protected against the onset of various types of pain. You have everything to gain by following these tips:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Move every day
  • Eat balanced meals
  • Have a good sleep routine

Sports activities

If you start (or resume) playing a sport, be sure that your body is well prepared and take it slowly.

High-risk sports

Are you a thrill seeker by nature? To make the most of it, you’ll want to protect the parts of your body most at risk. In addition to a helmet, there is a range of protective equipment that will help you enjoy the excitement for a long time to come.

Elite training

Performing, excelling, competing—athletes who dedicate themselves to a sport often suffer repeated injuries. Prevention makes all the difference in a sports career.

First symptoms

Do you feel discomfort, signalling a condition that you don’t want to escalate? For example, heel pain indicating plantar fasciitis or joint pain specific to osteoarthritis. Find out what solutions will help you limit the progression of the condition.


Planning for your post-operative recovery period is a good way to avoid unnecessary pain and hassles. This can include preparing meals for the freezer, reading up on the details, purchasing or renting medical equipment, etc.

Heredity and aging

Both are unavoidable, but you can delay their effects, optimize your comfort and simplify your daily life.


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