Foot orthotics

Depend on the health and comfort of your feet, for an active life without limitations.

Designed to keep your feet happy by providing alignment, support and balance

Our qualified orthotist-prosthetists offer tailor-made solutions that help you regain your biomechanical alignment and optimal posture. Our range of Bio-Dynamik® Foot Orthotics is manufactured according to the activity, morphology and pathologies of each individual.

Médicus designs tailor-made foot orthotics designed for running, our foot orthotic provide comfort and relief to aching and tired feet. Consult our experts for any orthopedic problems.

Role of foot orthotics

The primary objective of a foot orthotic is to re-establish, inasmuch as possible, your biomechanical and postural alignment. This promotes the treatment of certain mechanical and musculoskeletal problems and, thus, the relief of your pain.

A foot orthotic is used to relieve various pathologies, including:

Bio-DynamikTM custom foot orthotics, made by Médicus

All our foot orthotics are custom made according to your activity, morphology and pathologies.


Excellent for running or brisk walking.


Ideal for weak arches, talalgia, mild arthritis or valgus.


Specially designed for those suffering from diabetes or arthritis.


Specially recommended for those who work in a sitting position and who want light support for their dress shoes.


Perfect for very active people who want superior support and stability.


Designed especially to meet childrens' needs throughout their growth cycle.

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We manufacture the perfect custom orthotics specifically for you

Precision adjustment

Following a biomechanical analysis, an analysis of your posture, gait and various pressure points is conducted. Depending on the data collected by computer and/or during static and dynamic observations of your body, an accurate portrait can be drawn up. Your foot orthotics are thus custom designed for you, to meet the specific needs of your feet.

An infinite combination of possibilities

Stability, propulsion, absorption and adaptability materials are used to design your foot orthotic. It incorporates a multitude of mechanical characteristics. Our team of accredited, experienced orthotist-prosthetists can thus create an orthotic device that is perfectly adapted to your body mechanics and performance needs.

An evolutionary design

Over time, your morphology and lifestyle may have changed. To ensure their effectiveness, it is recommended to have your orthotic devices checked annually. Every foot orthotic is therefore designed from a practical point of view to be adapted to your ever-changing needs.

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