The conditions that precede and follow an amputation are unique to each individual. Regardless of the circumstances, the use of a prosthesis to compensate for the missing limb requires a highly precise process. Médicus offers a custom prosthesis manufacturing service for this purpose.

The Médicus approach

Our prostheses are designed to suit everyday activities, physical conditions and functional needs. A temporary prosthesis will often be used before the permanent prosthesis, which, due to wear, must be replaced every 2 to 5 years. In children, replacement is more frequent because of their growth.


Our custom prostheses manufacturing service includes:

  • A complete evaluation by our prosthetists;
  • The molding and manufacture of your prosthesis;
  • Fitting and adjustment of your prosthesis;
  • Monitoring of your condition.


Manufacturing workshop

All our prostheses are manufactured as per medical prescription in our central manufacturing workshop. Its staff consists of several accredited orthotist-prosthetists and specialized engineers. We move the manufacturing of all prostheses and other technical aids to our central workshop. In this way, we obtain the ideal formula to ensure optimal quality control and customer service that is as fast as it is meticulous.

We are very proud of our products and confident that they will provide you great satisfaction


Where to find us?

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