The Médicus team has more than 75 accredited orthotist-prosthetists who provide specific, high quality services. They perform a complete assessment of the biomechanics of your body, the range of your movements and your gait. This process allows them to accurately identify musculoskeletal issues. In this way, orthotic treatment solutions are specifically designed to help you regain the perfect balance.

Types of custom products


Bio-DynamikTM foot orthoses

Upper limb orthoses

  • Shoulder orthosis
  • Arm/forearm orthosis
  • Epicondylitis bracelet
  • Wrist orthosis with thumb and finger

Lower limb orthoses

  • Knee orthoses
  • Tibial and tibia-pedius orthoses
  • Anklets
  • Weight alleviation shoes

Trunk and neck orthoses

  • Rigid and semi-rigid corsets
  • Lumbar belts
  • Cervical orthoses
  • Cranial orthoses

The Médicus approach

Every person, every situation and every pathology is different. That’s why Médicus offers custom-made orthoses for personalized treatment and service. Our team of professionals works with you to develop a comprehensive plan, including:

A comprehensive assessment

A biomechanical analysis of your entire body is performed, as well as an examination of your gait, your posture and your range of motion. This assessment helps to identify the possible causes of your pain.

The molding of your orthoses

State-of-the-art technologies such as 3D scanning and force plates provide an accurate picture of your joints. The data collected allows the design of a custom orthosis that is personalized in every way.

Making appointments

Together, we schedule an initial consultation for the testing and fitting of your orthosis. If you then feel any discomfort from the orthosis, we schedule a new consultation and make as many adjustments as necessary to ensure you are comfortable.

Recommending shoes

When wearing foot orthoses, it is appropriate to select a shoe according to certain characteristics such as width and depth. Our professionals help you make the right choice depending on the type of orthosis and the type of activities performed.

Follow-up appointments

At Médicus, monitoring the treatment plan is our priority. It allows us to evaluate the results obtained, and ensure your satisfaction and your comfort. We schedule meetings with you to track your condition.

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Manufacturing workshop

All our orthoses are manufactured as per medical prescription in our central manufacturing workshop. Its staff consists of several accredited orthotist-prosthetists and specialized engineers. The orthoses are custom pre-molded on an individual basis, on plaster or directly on the body. We move the manufacturing of all orthoses and other technical aids to our central workshop. In this way, we obtain the ideal formula to ensure optimal quality control and customer service that is as fast as it is meticulous.


We are very proud of our products and confident that they will provide you great satisfaction.


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