The Bio-Dynamik® Perfostab orthosis for sports

What is the Bio-Dynamik® Perfostab foot orthosis?

A foot orthosis improves the foot’s physiological performance. It can be worn for everyday activities.

There are also foot orthoses designed specifically for sports. Foot movements during sports are much more demanding than those during walking. A sports-appropriate orthosis is therefore strongly recommended.

Our Bio-Dynamik® foot orthoses are manufactured according to each person’s activity, morphology and conditions. They are exclusive to Médicus, which designs custom foot orthoses tailored to all kinds of physical activities.

The Bio-Dynamik® Perfostab foot orthosis is designed to provide comfort and relief to the feet during activities such as brisk walking or running.

What is the Bio-Dynamik® Perfostab orthosis for?

The primary purpose of the foot orthosis is to restore biomechanical and postural alignment. This helps treat some mechanical and musculoskeletal conditions, and relieve pain during movement.

During running or active walking, the Bio-Dynamik® Perfostab orthosis distributes the load evenly over your entire foot. The goal is to make your foot more comfortable and efficient in its movement and support with each push-off. This will improve your performance and reduce fatigue, decreasing the risk of injury.

Why is the Perfostab orthosis suitable for athletes?

Bio-Dynamik® foot orthoses are custom-made for your feet. They adapt to the characteristics of your feet, whether you have a smaller toe or a deformity.

Our Bio-Dynamik® orthoses are designed from high-quality materials that ensure good adaptability, good stability, absorption and propulsion. These are called ASAP standards.

Each of the foot orthoses we manufacture or fit must meet ASAP standards. Thanks to a combination of multi-composite components and materials, our Bio-Dynamik® orthoses meet these standards, ensuring an effective treatment plan.

Four benefits of the Perfostab orthosis for athletes

This foot orthosis improves comfort and performance during physical activity in at least four ways:

It improves performance

Athletes of all levels who suffer from foot weakness can improve the efficiency of their movements with a foot orthosis.

It reduces the risk of injury

Athletes are more prone than non-athletes to leg or foot injuries. An orthosis reduces the risk of injury and the development of conditions such as osteoarthritis, stress fractures or metatarsalgia.

It provides tailored support

A custom orthosis will be better adapted to your foot morphology than a generic insole and will make sustained effort less strenuous and more effective.

It is very durable

With proper care, an orthosis will last many years—longer in fact than most traditional shoes.

Choosing a Perfostab orthosis for your activity

Our foot orthoses take into account your morphology and conditions. The Perfostab orthosis can help for a variety of activities, for example:


Our foot orthosis helps the body adopt a better posture while running, an activity that involves intense effort and quick repetitions over a long period of time. It reduces leg muscle fatigue and increases endurance during exercise.


Our orthosis for walking is softer and more comfortable than traditional orthoses. It is less restrictive on movement and reduces certain causes of discomfort, such as blisters. This makes the foot work better and more easily, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury.

Summer sports

Summer can be a season when we generally do more sports that involve the feet and legs. Summer sports therefore require additional mechanical effort by the feet. Wearing a foot orthosis makes it more comfortable and enjoyable to do summer sports that are harder on the feet, such as tennis, soccer or football. Orthoses can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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