What is sciatic nerve damage?

The sciatic nerve starts in the spine between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae and between the 5th lumbar vertebra and the sacrum. It then descends into the foot, passing through the buttock and the back of the thigh and the calf. When it is compressed somewhere, the pain provoked can, therefore, be felt in several parts of the body.


Where does it come from?

The pain associated with sciatic nerve damage comes from compression of the nerve, often due to a herniated disk.


How can it be recognized?

The discomfort due to compression of the sciatic nerve can be felt in the back, the leg and the foot. It can be characterized by feelings such as:

  • Tingling;
  • Numbness;

The symptoms may disappear if the condition is treated. If it persists, however, it may cause nerve damage and lead to significant motor disorders, such as weakness or paralysis of the foot. It is therefore of the highest importance to consult a doctor to decompress the nerve.


Treatment solutions for the sciatic nerve

Evaluation of posture and gait allows the design of a custom-made foot orthosis that seeks to optimize postural balance. The realignment of the lower limbs helps eliminate many sources of tension and pressure that can affect the lumbar region and compress the sciatic nerve.