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Get 15% off light compression stockings and orthopedic shoes! **

This offer is valid for all nursing professionals who are members of the OIIQ or the OIIAQ.

** Note: This exclusive offer is valid only on light compression stockings (15-20 mmHg) and orthopedic shoes at regular price. Exclusions: custom-made products and those requiring a medical prescription. On proof valid at the time of purchase.

  • OIIQ Members: Upon presentation of proof of OIIQ membership.
  • OIIAQ members: On presentation of a valid membership card at the time of purchase.


Every person, every situation, and every pathology is different. This is why Medicus opts for personalized treatment and service. Our team of professionals works with you to develop a comprehensive plan, including:

Complete initial assessment

Dedicated team of professionals

Personalized and scalable monitoring

Extensive network across Quebec


Compression stockings and garments are essential products for stimulating blood circulation and the venous system. They reduce discomfort in the legs and are ideal for problems related to blood circulation:

  • Varicose veins;
  • Swollen ankles (edema);
  • A feeling of heavy legs (edema).


Compression therapy

Graduated compression applies a measured amount of compression to the legs. The pressure is at the maximum at the ankle and gradually decreases as it goes up towards the thigh. Thus, blood circulates better to the heart and is expelled through arteries and veins more efficiently. Both comfortable and aesthetic, compression stockings and clothing can accompany you on a daily basis. Available with or without a medical prescription *, they promote better circulation:

  • Medical care: for the prevention or treatment of the consequences of poor blood circulation
  • Pregnancy: for the prevention or relief of heaviness and the prevention of the appearance of varicose veins caused by pregnancy
  • Daily: for long trips by plane or car or long periods of work in the same position


*NOTE: compression stockings are medical stockings. They have been carefully selected for your condition. The compression class of the stockings has been determined by a certified fitter or your attending physician.


Medicus offers a wide selection of top quality footwear and orthopedic sandals. It’s proven: excessive pressure and foot pain builds up throughout the day and affects our well-being and performance. Our orthopedic shoes are designed to provide comfort that will optimize your daily life.


Roles and benefits of a good shoe:

  • Better foot stability
  • Protection of the sole of the foot by the orthopedic sole
  • Good support of the heel and sides of the foot thanks to its reinforcements and buttresses
  • A removable insole that allows the wearing of plantar orthotics
  • Pain prevention and relief


Contact a member of the team and they will be happy to help you!


All you need to do is make an appointment with one of our certified compression adjusters. Each of them is specially trained to advise a product according to its use and to take adequate and fair measures.

In addition to the quality and relevance of the products and services offered, it is the great competence of all the staff, the commitment, and the rigor of our approach to making a difference in the lives of people that make Médicus a company that stands out. Come meet us and you will see the difference.

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