Mother’s Day activities


If you’re like us, you really want to please your mom on Mother’s Day, May 8th. Having said that, you still need one or two original ideas to make a Sunday in May a bit special. Not only do we have original ideas to offer you, but we have 10!


And who better to inspire us than a mom? So we asked Amélie, receptionist at the Saint-Hyacinthe branch and mother of two boys, to share her findings with us.



1 – Resourcing in nature

Spring is a great opportunity to reconnect with resplendent nature. Pick up a slightly chic picnic in a delicatessen near you and offer mom a moment of calm in the mountains or in a large natural park that she loves or has not yet discovered.


2 – Home spa day

Many moms love spa days. To add a touch of originality, offer him the home spa including face mask, skin care, hand and foot massages, manicure, etc. All this in a particularly gentle atmosphere where his favorite music, candles and essential oils blend together. As a bonus, she can take a nap. What happiness!


3 – Flower picking

Flowers are often a must on Mother’s Day. Picking up a bunch in the fruit aisle while grocery shopping is great, but the ultimate experience is picking them yourself! By visiting one of the U-pick destinations in Quebec, not only will mom be enveloped in colors and scents, but she will be able to personalize her bouquet and be in good company!


4 – Brunch special, a classic!

Before visiting the gardens, why not stop for a tasty gourmet brunch? It is always a great pleasure to be able to feast on delicacies that we do not always prepare at home. Even better if you opt for a good table in a place that is out of the ordinary. There are so many great gastronomic experiences in Quebec!


5 – On the stove!

Of course, mom will probably enjoy her feast even more if you’re the one making it, even if you’re not Josée di Stasio. Prepare a colorful and sunny menu using your favorite recipe site, invite family and friends, and celebrate Mom’s Day in a friendly way. A great opportunity to bring together several families and celebrate all the moms at the same time!


6 – Immerse yourself in memories

You know those 10,000 family photos and videos you constantly take with your phone? It’s finally time to get them out! Give mom a trip back in time and make her relive the most beautiful moments of your childhood. If you have a little time, get started in a photo or even video montage. Guaranteed emotions!


7 – Wine tour

We are lucky to have wonderful vineyards and beautiful cider houses in Quebec! Take mom on the wine route in the Dunham valleys or elsewhere to discover our beautiful local products. It will be a wonderful road trip, perhaps even in a new region, and several addresses also offer delicious options for a snack.


8 – Cultural activity

Surprise mum with a new cultural experience. Whether it is the discovery of a new artist, great classics, peoples from elsewhere or even our history, our museums offer so many opportunities to get away from it all. Or why not a musical, comedy, circus or theater performance? Even a trip to the cinema with popcorn, chocolate and soft drink, it’s always fun.


9 – Shopping spree

Turn Mother’s Day into a makeover day! Take mom shopping to create a trendy new look for her. Do not hesitate to make him discover the latest new addresses. Complete the experience with a special afternoon tea at a trendy cafe and making sure you leave someone at home to prepare dinner for your return.


10 – Photo session

These days, almost everyone has a high-end camera in their phone, and often all it takes is the press of a button to create the perfect shot. Give mom a “model for the day” experience. Spot a few magical photo spots, choose a few outfits, and hit the shoot. For memorable memories that she will treasure fondly, bring the whole family.

Depending on your energy level, you can even combine a few of these ideas. Even though it’s all magical, the most important thing, and what Mom will appreciate the most, is simply spending quality time with the ones she loves.