Supplier: Bauerfeind

Model: Genutrain

Code: 104137

Genutrain knee brace


The Bauerfeind Genutrain® Knee Brace provides stabilization at the knee joint thanks to the side bars and circular support around the kneecap. A perfect blend of stabilization, without compromising the mobility of your leg.



  • Preventive functions – compression of the knee joint
  • Stabilization of the knee through targeted activation of the joint-stabilizing muscles
  • Improved mobility through massage of tight muscles, tendons and fascias
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric that molds to the natural shape of the knee and leg for a supportive fit
  • Breathable action zones and particularly soft anatomically shaped comfort zones provide continuous comfort


Who is it for?

  • Active people: team sports, running, hiking, indoor training (ex: where repeated movements are done – squats, lunges, etc.)
  • Pathologies: discomfort, inflammation, slight sprains, feeling of instability when performing specific activities