Supplier: LuciMed

Model: Luminette 3

Code: 130904

Luminotherapy glasses


The Luminette helps to fight against winter blues, sleep problems and circadian rhythm issues (jetlag, night shifts). Luminette® is portable and lightweight (67g), letting you go about your activities, while providing ideal light exposure.



  • Provides the same therapy as a light therapy lamp but in the convenient form of glasses that can be worn every day during daily activities
  • 4Light is sent into the eye from top to bottom (as the sun does), without dazzling or obstructing the view
  • Provide ideal eye exposure while maintaining unobstructed vision and can be used by people who wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Emits white light enriched with blue, in 3 intensities (500, 1000 and 1,500 lux), just as beneficial as that of a 10,000 lux lamp
  • Charging by USB cable; one charge gives autonomy for 6 sessions (USB charger included)
  • Powered by 2 lithium batteries (included)


Product name Luminette3
Dimensions 9,1″ x 2,4″ x 6,3″ (23 x 6,1 x 15,9 cm)
Weight 54g

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