Supplier: Pride

Model: LC570

Code: 109771

Power Lift Chair Pride – LC-570


The LC570 from Pride is a single motor which makes the remote usage more more user-friendly. The lift chair features a 3-position seating system and a total comfort seat box designed to deliver comfort, style and performance.



  • 1-motor chair
  • High-end in terms of comfort

  • A product that can be modified by adding or removing foam from the record



Positions Seated



Capacité 375 lb
User Height 5 ft 2 in – 6 ft 2 in
Dimensions Model LC-570S

Ground-seat: 19 in

Depth: 19 in

Width: 19 in

Seat height: 24.5 in


Model LC-570M

Ground-seat: 20 in

Depth: 20 in

Width: 20 in

Seat height: 26.5 in


Model LC-570M

Ground-seat: 21 in

Depth: 22 in

Width: 22 in

Seat height: 27 in