Supplier: Amylior / Continent Globe

Model: GS300

Code: 127263

Scooter – GS300


A neat and durable appearance

The Continent Globe Gs300 intermediate format scissor is a reliable, recognized and quality product. Its smooth, shiny and clean appearance is appreciated by consumers.



Designed with electronic controls, the Gs300 also offers the following features:

  • Four-wheel independent suspension
  • Adjustable dual-lever
  • USB connector
  • LED play light with turn signals
  • Control panel with load indicator
  • Seat with suspension
  • Double goblet
  • Transportable folding basket
  • Black hard tires



Net weight 99 kg (220 lb)
Maximal speed 14.5 km/h
Capacity 160 kg (350 lb)
Suspension Yes
Batteries 50 AH
Autonomy 40 kms
Colors Blue