Supplier: Sigvaris

Model: Sheer Fashion 120

Codes: 105494 (knee), 105488 (knee – open-toe), 105341 (thigh) or 105727 (tights)

Sheer Fashion – 120


  • Fashionable, durable, and medium sheer stockings or tights for everyday wear
  • Available colors: gray, taupe, natural, coffee, black
  • Available configurations: knee, thigh, pantyhose, and maternity tights – open toe or closed-toe
  • For women



  • Excellent breathability and moisture management
  • Double covered and encrusted threads make the product comfortable and easy to put on and take off
  • Gentle on the skin with a silicone band to prevent slipping


Who is he talking to?

  • Travelers Tired, heavy, painful legs
  • Prolonged standing position (prevention of the risk of occupational injuries related to the legs)
  • Daily use