Models: lift seat Up-Lift – Regular model (80-230 lb) OR Plus model (200-350 lb)

Codes: 103239 (regular) / 118004 (plus)

UpLift self-lifting Seat


  • Pneumohydraulic self-lifting seat
  • Portable, non-electric self-lift seat capable of gently lifting or lowering up to 70% of the user’s weight



  • Comfortable memory foam cushion
  • The pneumohydraulic lifting mechanism engages as soon as the sit-stand movement is initiated by the user
  • Non-slip material on the base prevents movement on the seating surfaces and an integrated handle makes transport easy
  • Perfect for restaurants, theater, church, or even a park bench
  • Easy to carry with two ergonomic handles and lightweight construction
  • Not intended for use with wheelchairs
  • Black cover, washable and waterproof



Width 17″ (43,2 cm)
Depth 19″ (48,3 cm)
Height 4″ (10,2 cm)
Weight capacities Regular : 80-230 LB

Plus: 200-350 LB