A knee brace for better travel

If you’re planning a trip abroad and wear an orthosis on a daily basis, know that there are ways to maximize your comfort while walking and make your trip more enjoyable.


Flying with a knee brace

Travelling with a knee brace may seem difficult at first glance. In the case of splints or orthoses with rigid bars that prevent the leg from bending, the limited space on certain types of transportation, such as airplanes, will complicate travel.

If you must travel with a rigid knee brace, make sure your carrier can accommodate you. For example, they may be able to assign you a seat with more leg room.

If you fly with a knee brace that you can occasionally remove, make sure you won’t aggravate an injury or interfere with recovery after surgery.

Ask your doctor about the best way to travel and whether painkillers are recommended to make travel less uncomfortable.

Why keep your knee brace on while travelling?

Flying or sitting for long hours can cause knee stiffness in some people. This stiffness is often caused by a thickening of the synovial fluid that protects the knees and other joints.

A knee brace can reduce the sensation of stiffness that develops in the knees after a few hours of immobility. This can help when travelling by plane, bus or car. In some cases, compression stockings or garments can also help reduce leg discomfort caused by long periods of immobility while travelling.

Preventive benefits of wearing a knee brace while travelling

In addition to helping relieve the sensation of stiffness or pain in the knees during travel, a knee brace can also reduce pressure on the joint and help you get up faster and walk better.

There are many types of knee braces. Which one is right for you will depend on the nature of your condition and the type of activities you want to do with it.

For example, a patella brace will be appropriate for people with certain chronic conditions such as patellofemoral syndrome, osteoarthritis, tendonitis or dislocation of the patella. The knee brace will help reduce the harmful effects of prolonged immobility.

For people who do not have a chronic condition but are concerned that a long plane or car ride will affect the health of their knees, a support knee brace made of an elastic material will provide increased long-term comfort and reduce the risk of knee pain or stiffness.


A suitable knee brace for the climate

Tropical climate and high temperatures

Ensure comfort: If you wear a rigid knee support, make sure it won’t be too bulky for the activities you have planned at your destination.

Some soft knee braces are designed to be highly breathable, which is great in hot weather because they wick away moisture quickly.


Avoid: If you wear a knee brace for medical reasons, your doctor may have already told you what activities to avoid. On a tropical vacation, it can be tempting to go to the beach or soak your feet in the sea. Some splints are simply not designed for that environment.


Cold climate and low temperatures

Ensure comfort: A knee brace should not be worn over loose clothing. Conversely, tight-fitting pants or sweatpants may not be appropriate if you wear a knee brace underneath. Make sure you have the appropriate warm clothing to accommodate your knee brace.


Avoid: Intense winter activities that could threaten the health of your knees or the proper functioning of your knee brace are obviously not recommended. Some knee braces designed to be worn during physical activity can do the trick even in winter, as long as they are worn under warm, loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict your comfort or keep you from safely doing the activity you want to do.

There are orthoses, knee braces and splints designed for both everyday comfort and to help you perform better in sports or during physical activity.

Consult an orthotist at Médicus, who can help you decide which one is best for your needs and how to use it if your plans include flying or travelling abroad.

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