Combine comfort and productivity, even when working from home

If someone asked you what is the most important telecommuting tool, you would probably say a great internet connection. While this is not wrong, the most important tool (and essential for any job!) Is your comfort. The secret to a high level of comfort even when working from home is an ergonomic workspace. See how to optimize these two aspects, without it costing you an arm!


Take back control of your comfort

The ergonomics of your workspace is as unique as you are, and therefore must meet your needs exclusively. It takes into account the physical environment (i.e. lighting, room space and freedom of movement and movement), required work equipment (such as work tools, furniture, accessories, storage, etc.), the nature of your work (its job description, requirements, requests, etc.) as well as your unique profile (your size, vision, physical characteristics, health requirements, etc.).

Once these parameters are addressed, your ergonomic workspace will not only allow you to work without fatigue or pain, but also to optimize your productivity, increase your level of energy and motivation, while preventing physical pain (such as as back pain, wrists, shoulders, neck and headaches). Your body will thank you!

Looking for an exceptional level of comfort that will make you feel like you’re working in cotton wool? Our experts at Médicus are available to advise you on products that meet your requirements.

Discover our ergonomic cushions and backrests, among other things, to align your spine, maintain a comfortable sitting posture and reduce lumbar and cervical pressure. Whether in chair back, back cushion or seat cushion format, these products will add a dose of comfort and support to your daily life!


Increase your sitting comfort … through physical activity!

Especially when working from home, it is important to stay active, as if you were at the office: were you taking breaks to go to the coffee machine? Did you go out for dinner? Did you take the metro to work and walk?

Reintegrate this routine at home! Get up, at least every hour, to stretch your legs and to take a break from screen time. Take turns from your chair, up and down the stairs to your home, take a neighborhood tour, the options are plentiful.

However, whether you are walking indoors or outdoors, it is important to choose shoes that are equally comfortable. It is not recommended to walk barefoot, as your feet and their arches do not get any support. Your feet deserve constant support, even in your home. Discover our high-quality shoes and custom-made foot orthotics that provide you with better foot stability as well as protection of the sole and arch of the foot, while adding support and comfort to your every step.

Visit your nearest Médicus branch for advice tailored to your needs, and speak with our experts for more information. In the end, your well-being and your productivity will be the big winners.


Proudly made in Québec, discover our team’s favorite, the Symbia 2.5 in. Orthex.

  • Orthopedic seat cushion.
  • Induces forward rotation of the pelvis to help restore the natural curvature of the lower back.
  • Helps reduce the effect of weight while increasing the level of comfort

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