Working standing, it starts with the right shoes

Do you end your days dreaming of removing your shoes? Or even lie down to rest your legs? You might be blaming your long days on your feet, but the culprits might be right under your nose. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find that certain pains have their origin in your pair of shoes …


To find the right shoe

If your daily life involves long hours of standing, whether you are moving or just standing still, then the right pair of shoes becomes your most important work tool. As strange as it may sound, your shoes influence your mood, your level of productivity and motivation, and make all the difference between a good day and a bad day. Why? Since your mood is directly influenced by how comfortable you are, if you remove the “comfort” part of the equation, you don’t swing and in the end, your mood and your work pay the price!

A shoe that not only offers the right support and comfort allows you to maintain good posture throughout your day, reduce the risk of injury and pain (including back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. , stiff legs, twinges in the feet and ankles, etc.), increase your level of productivity and motivation, in addition to flying over your 10,000 daily steps with ease!

Our experts at Medicus will help you in your research and can offer you shoes that meet your tastes, the physiognomic characteristics of your feet and your budget, from our large selection of shoes in vibrant colors. Being the experts in this field, they will ensure that your shoes have these 5 essential qualities: stability, support, anatomical shape, optimal heel height and orthopedic versatility. Our advisors are the experts and remain available for all your questions!


Even more comfort at the end of your feet

Have you ever felt like a heart was pounding in your legs and feet after a long day at work? Before jumping to any conclusions, be aware that this is a more common sensation than you might think and can be easily treatable.

Used primarily to promote and improve blood circulation in the legs and feet, compression stockings not only help minimize swelling in your lower limbs (i.e. legs, calves, ankles and feet), but also reduce muscle fatigue caused by long hours of standing.

Available without a prescription, affordable and easy to put on, compression stockings are ideal for everyday use. Whether you are a worker looking to maximize comfort during long working days or an athlete looking to improve performance, wearing compression stockings is a huge benefit and a smart choice for people looking for a level of comfort. maximized. Find the pair of compression stockings that meet your needs from our wide selection of quality products, combining comfort, durability and support.


Highly recognized and appreciated by all, the New Balance 1080 shoe is the ideal model to support your every step, every day.

  • Fresh Foam sole cushioning for a light, ultra-cushioned walk.
  • Ultra Heel design on the back of the foot for comfortable, snug support that follows your every move.
  • Synthetic and mesh upper conforms to the shape of the foot.

The right shoes and compression stockings will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud when wearing them! If your feet and legs could talk, they would thank you.

Do not wait for discomfort to arise, contact our experts at Médicus.