Foot orthotics: why and for whom?

Foot orthotics play an important role in your daily life. Custom made to meet the requirements of your feet, the goal of foot orthotics is to provide support throughout the day.

In addition to relieving your foot pain, foot orthotics are designed to help you re-establish correct body posture and biomechanical alignment. Following a complete assessment of your body, your gait, and range of motion, orthotists will carefully design your foot orthotics. Foot orthotics come in many different varieties:

No matter what your pathology, each of these orthotics is adapted to your body mechanics. The Bio-Dynamik custom-made foot orthotic, exclusive to Médicus, is the ideal solution. There is a foot orthotic design for every lifestyle.

If you live with localized discomfort or pain on a daily basis, you should consult an orthotist for a biomechanical assessment. This is an examination to assess the range of your joint movements, as well as your posture and the pressure points on your feet.

The advantages of foot orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are adapted to the morphology of your foot. They meet a variety of needs and can treat many pains and pathologies thanks to their many benefits:

  • They relieve pressure points that cause foot pain
  • They encourage correct positioning of the feet and, by the same token, of all your lower limbs
  • They correct your posture and many biomechanical deficiencies
  • They strengthen your muscle tone
  • They prevent foot injuries

A foot orthotic that matches your daily life

You are unique, and therefore deserve a foot orthotic design that suits your preferences. This is the reason the orthotist recommends the best model for your pathologies, medical conditions, and lifestyle.

It is to meet these multiple needs that plantar orthotics come in so many different forms. They can be soft, flexible or more cushioned. Several types of materials, like leather, foam, leatherette or thermoplastic can also be used, depending on your needs.

  • Orthotics for an active lifestyle: they are designed to provide optimal muscle stimulation and foot alignment during sports activities. Specially designed for active people.
  • Pediatric orthotics: they are more elastic to follow the child’s growth cycle. Orthotists can correct many biomechanical deficiencies in early childhood to meet the evolving needs of children throughout their growth cycle. Perfect for children of all ages.
  • Orthotics for diabetics: these models are made of flexible and absorbent materials to distribute the pressure evenly over the plantar surface. Ideal for people with diabetes or arthritis.
  • Daily orthotics: these orthotics provide support and stability for standing or active work all day long. They are ideal for health professionals, flight attendants or those requiring more support, such as construction workers.


Validated by Emmanuel Beauchemin, Head clinician at Médicus 

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