Mobility aids: to move about freely

As the province’s population continues to age, mobility aids are becoming more important than ever. In fact, data from Radio-Canada indicates that Quebec is one of the fastest-aging societies.

Given these facts, it is important to develop mobility aids to help our seniors or others who have difficulty moving about.

Nowadays, seniors are living longer and longer and need to stay active more than ever. It is precisely to meet these needs that specialists have been developing motorized vehicles so that technology can be used to promote mobility!

Discover the various mobility aid products that allow many individuals to move about with freedom and pride.



Scooters are four-wheeled motorized vehicles that are essential for many people who have limited mobility. Combining technology and performance, these four-wheel vehicles are now available in a variety of different designs to meet specific needs:

  • Compact scooters: The practical design of these vehicles is ideal for travel purposes. They can be stored in the trunk of a car in no time at all. These motorized vehicles are very light and stable, suitable for active individuals.
  • Mid-size scooters: Slightly heavier and more robust, this scooter model is particularly suitable for urban travel or outings. Some models can even reach speeds of up to 15 km/h.
  • Deluxe scooters: The perfect model for those looking for superior quality and comfort! These models have the power to please drivers who like to go fast, and can be easily handled, even on steep or rough terrain. These slightly heavier models are extremely versatile and suitable for long trips.


Many accessories can also be added to your scooter to meet your needs and purposes. You can add an additional mirror, a USB plug or a cell phone holder.

Available in a variety of colors and models, there is a scooter to satisfy everyone’s tastes! Discover the full range of scooters by clicking here. 


Power lift chairs

Mobility is also important in the home. These chairs have been developed for this specific purpose.

Indeed, all too often people with mobility issues have difficulty getting up when they are seated comfortably in their living room. That’s why the mechanism of these chairs helps them to stand up, regardless of their size, weight or condition.

There are several power lift chair models available to suit all needs:

  • Small size
  • Single motor with 3 positions
  • Dual motor, multi-position
  • Four motor, multi-position, with adjustable power lumbar and head support

These recliners enable you to relax your muscles and get more support for your back. They are a great way to maintain your level of independence at home! Discover the full range of power lift chairs by clicking here. 



Those with reduced mobility often require walking aids. This is what walkers were designed for. And they can also be used as transport chairs!

Walkers are adjustable for all types of heights and are particularly suited to meet the needs of people recovering from an injury. People with arthritis are among those who can also benefit from walkers.

Stable, lightweight and safe, walkers are great support tools for walking and mobility. Discover the full range of walkers and rollators by clicking here. 


Electric wheelchairs

The electric wheelchair is a portable device that is suitable for all situations while increasing your level of autonomy. It is designed with plenty of storage space so you can take everything you need with you when you are on the go.

Its armrests, seat and foot section are also fully adjustable, for maximum comfort. In addition, these wheelchairs can accommodate loads of over 300 pounds! Highly portable, they can go with you wherever you go.

Travel with confidence and security

The goal of the Médicus team is to give people with reduced mobility all the support they need. Thanks to an extensive variety of walking and mobility aids, everyone can now stay active, now and for the long term!

Live a long Active lifestyle thanks to mobility aids

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