How the lift chair can help you ?

Do you have difficulty getting up from your chair once you are seated, even if you love to lounge in it? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you that will combine comfort and convenience: the lift chair! A very comfortable device equipped with electric technology, it provides assistance to the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

Self-propelled wheelchairs have an electric mechanism that will lift you to a position from which you will be comfortable enough to get up safely and reduce the risk of falling.

The lift chairs are available in several sizes and with different options:

  • Small
  • With 1 motor and 3 positions
  • With 2 motors and multi-positions
  • With 4 motors, multi-position, with electric adjustable headrest and backrest

With these chairs, you can also relax your muscles and get more support for your back. A great way to maintain your level of independence at home.


What are the advantages of a lift chair?

The self-lifting chairs will allow you to sit comfortably and get up comfortably, they will contribute to the well-being and maintenance of your health while providing a sense of comfort and safety. They will also reduce the risk of a bad fall. They are therefore the most appropriate choice to benefit from the increased confidence and sense of security that a person with reduced mobility can feel when suffering from back pain, joint pain or osteoarthritis.


Power recliners have several significant advantages:

  • Comfort: in addition to being very ergonomic, this type of chair is above all very comfortable. It can be deployed in several different ways and offers a backrest, foam seat and adjustable footrest for optimal comfort. Some models will adapt to your morphology and allow an inclination of up to 180° to allow you to lie completely on your chair.
  • Health: This type of chair will help you prevent many back and neck pains, as your back and spine will be properly maintained and supported. The possibility of changing positions may also help you to improve blood circulation.
  • Safety and autonomy: another significant advantage is the safety that a lift chair provides compared to a conventional chair. You will no longer be afraid of losing your balance when you get up and the risk of a bad fall. You will finally be free to move freely and you will no longer have to depend on others to do these kinds of simple little things like getting up and sitting down.
  • Wellness: some models may have additional options such as a seat function that is more of a heating and massage function.


How to choose the right lift chair?

With the same look as a traditional armchair, the lift chair will suit any decor. Thanks to a wide selection of fabrics or leathers, colours, finishes and options, you will undoubtedly be able to customize your lift chair to your taste.

The choice of a lift chair will depend on several equally important criteria. First, you will need to check the chairs available according to your height and weight. Indeed, the size of the user and his weight can make a difference in the selected model.

Finally, the number of motors will also have a direct impact on the choice of your wheelchair since the number of possible positions on the wheelchair will change the situation. (e.g. sitting, napping, lying down, etc.)

The Medicus team aims to give people with reduced mobility the maximum support they need. Thanks to a variety of mobility assistance products, everyone can now stay active, now and for the long term!

Move with confidence and confidence thanks to Médicus.

Living active for a long time, thanks to mobility assistance

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