Achilles tendon rupture

What is Achilles tendon rupture?

The Achilles tendon is a big tendon located directly behind the ankle, connecting the calf muscle (triceps) to the heel bone (calcaneum). It allows the transmission of the strength of the triceps necessary to lift the heel.

An Achilles tendon rupture is a nick in the Achilles tendon. It is not completely sections and the calf muscle, therefore, does not rise.


Where does it come from?

The rupture occurs when the tendon is no longer able to resist the force applied to it, generally during tension resulting from a sudden force. High-performance athletes are the persons most at risk.


How can it be recognized?

The injury results in swelling of the ankle and is accompanied by a variable degree of pain.

It is recommended to rest the ankle, immobilize it with a bandage and apply ice. However, it is very important to go to the hospital to consult a physician.


Treatment solutions for Achilles tendon rupture

Since an Achilles tendon rupture occurs during a severe sprain, wearing a foot orthosis may help reduce the risk of occurrence. It offers stability and better support for the foot and ankle and maintains the alignments of the lower limbs, while controlling pronation during walking.