Ankle pain

Is a sore ankle throwing a wrench into your activities? Ankle discomfort can result from an injury (sprain, strain, fracture), osteoarthritis or an Achilles tendon disorder. Treatment depends on the source of the pain and the risk of complications. Médicus can help you choose a solution adapted to your case.

Why are your ankles sore?

Ankles are used a lot. They play a major role in leg movement and support the body. The ankle is a complex joint consisting of bones, ligaments and tendons. If you experience pain, it could be caused by:

  • Impact from a blow, fall or misstep
  • Repetitive movement (running, cross-country skiing, cycling, dancing)
  • A posture problem (plantar deformation, alignment)
  • A medical condition (sprain, osteoarthritis, Achilles tendonitis)
  • Excessive ankle laxity

Symptoms may include joint pain, redness, inflammation or stiffness. It can be irritating and can interfere with a person’s proper functioning, physical activity and sometimes even sleep.


Painful ankles. Who can help?

An orthotist is trained to assess your symptoms, analyze your situation and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. Their goal is to find a solution that allows you to lead an active life without limitations.

The Médicus approach, for your comfort

At Médicus, our orthotists support you in choosing the best option, according to your specific lifestyle and issue. Our service doesn’t stop there. Then they check with you to see if the solution is right for you and provides some relief. Médicus staff look after you from the assessment of your pain through to follow-up, naturally.


How do I relieve ankle pain?

Ankle brace

Weak or injured ankles? Have you considered wearing a brace? It holds your ankle in place to relieve the joint. Braces are useful for treating sprains, and also for preventing them. Many runners and ball sports players wear them.

There are a variety of models tailored to different needs. So we encourage you to book an appointment at Médicus to receive personalized advice on the products best for you, whether your goal is to continue your exercise or daily activities or to alleviate pain following an injury. Ankle supports are also known as ankle orthotics or splints.

Foot orthotics

Foot orthotics help restore biomechanical alignment and can reduce ankle pain caused by certain conditions. They are made to measure specifically for your feet. That’s why it’s best to make an appointment to consult a specialist who will guide and follow up with you.

Proper footwear

Your foot or ankle pain may be caused by your shoes. The well-being of your feet begins with wearing a comfortable shoe that provides good support and is adapted to your type of activity.

Our professionals can determine if your shoes are causing your pain. With their advice, you will be able to choose the right shoe to really make a difference.


Ankle osteoarthritis

Ankle osteoarthritis manifests as a certain degree of pain in the daytime during joint movements, such as when going up or down stairs. It is characterized by degeneration of cartilage in the joints. It is also called chronic degenerative arthropathy. [Learn more…]


Ankle sprain 

Ankle strains are painful injuries to a joint that may result from stretching or tearing ligaments due to a fall, accident or impact. [Learn more…]

After an initial injury, the risk of recurrence is unfortunately 50%. In addition, sprains often lead to after-effects, such as joint instability.


Achilles tendon rupture

An Achilles tendon rupture manifests as swelling of the ankle together with varying degrees of pain at the back of the heel. It usually happens suddenly and mainly to athletes. [Learn more…]

If you think you have a torn Achilles tendon, the best treatment is to rest your leg, apply ice and immobilize it with a bandage. In most cases, an assessment by your family physician is needed.

Wearing foot orthotics reduces the risk of recurrence. This type of support gives stability to the foot and ankle and controls lower limb alignment during walking. If you are interested in this treatment solution, please make an appointment so our experts can assess your situation, advise you and follow up properly.


Achilles tendinitis

If your pain came on gradually and occurs where the Achilles tendon meets ankle bone, especially after exercise, you may have Achilles tendonitis. [Learn more…]

This type of tendonitis is caused by:

  • Lack of flexibility in the calf muscles
  • Continuous direct pressure on the tendon
  • Running uphill
  • Climbing stairs
  • A sudden start or increase in speed

To relieve symptoms, a padded foot orthotic is recommended to minimize tension in the tendon. The alternative is to wear orthopedic shoes. Whatever you choose, request a consultation to have your situation assessed and see the products Médicus offers.

Did you know…?

The Achilles tendon is a large tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. It’s what allows us to lift our heel.

A “rupture” is a nick in the tendon that prevents the ankle joint from functioning.