Leg length inequality

What is leg length inequality?

The origin of leg length inequality is congenital. This condition can lead to several misalignments of the lower limbs and thus cause pain.


Where does it come from?

The legs may very well have different lengths when they are measured. However, sometimes they only appear to be unequal. This is due to a pelvic misalignment causing one of the legs to lift, when they are really the same length.


How can it be recognized?

Regardless of whether it is visible to the naked eye, concrete or due to a pelvic imbalance, leg length inequality is a condition that creates tension and pain in the lumbar region.


Treatment solutions for leg length inequality

Evaluation of posture and gait allows the design of a custom-made foot orthosis that seeks to optimize postural balance. The realignment of the lower limbs by means of a heel lift on the shorter leg helps eliminate many sources of tension and pressure that can affect the lumbar region.