What is ageing?

Ageing of the human body is a process that involves normal biological, psychological and even social factors. Various physical and cognitive changes occur over time and this eventually creates new needs.


Where does it come from?

Aging affects each individual differently, at their own specific pace. Some factors can contribute to accelerate it, such as the different traumas suffered by the body, poor living hygiene or illness.


How can it be recognized?

Diminished capacity may be more physical than cognitive for some, or the other way around. The hereditary component also plays a very major role.

Whatever the case may be, even if a person adopts a healthy lifestyle, the functional needs change over time and eventually may require a variable degree of support.


Solutions accompanying aging

Take advantage of assistance to mobility and accessibility

To maintain autonomy and the continuation of activities of daily living, a very wide range of products and services exist in several fields. Many solutions for assistance in walking and mobility, residential adaptation or home help and comfort are available to support aging. They seek to respond to patients’ lesser and greater needs for assistance while providing them with comfort, independence, and safety.