What is clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a congenital malformation corresponding to a deviation of the feet and toes to the inside of the ankle. This ailment also includes all the mild anomalies concerning babies’ feet.

It appears in approximately one newborn out of a thousand. Clubfoot does not represent any risk, is not painful and can be corrected.

The treatment of clubfoot, performed by a medical team, corresponds to its gradual stretching to a normal position. Every week, stretching is followed by affixing a splint or a cast to the foot to maintain it in its new position. The process continues until the perfect alignment of the foot. In the most severe cases, surgery may be necessary.


Treatment solutions for clubfoot

The foot orthosis indicated for clubfoot is designed from comfortable materials. It mitigates the symptoms by optimizing shock absorption, supporting the arches of the foot and uniformizing the support areas.

It is recommended to wear a shoe that offers more stability for the heel. The features to prefer are solid rear buttresses, a wide sole and plenty of space in the forefoot.

A custom-made shoe is made according to specific features to meet the needs of your condition. It has the necessary space to contain the deformations and the foot orthosis and allows increased efficacy.