Hammer toes

What are hammertoes?

A hammertoe is the deformation of a toe at the interphalangeal joint, in a downward V-shaped curvature It may appear alone or be associated with hallux valgus.


Where does it come from?

Hammertoes may appear alone or be accompanied by hallux valgus (bunion). They are often caused by wearing narrow-toed and high-heeled shoes.


How can it be recognized?

A thickening of the skin occurs at the location of repetitive friction between the joint and the shoe. The resulting corn often leads to pain and, as it worsens, wounds may appear, risking infection of the deformed joint.


Treatment solutions for hammertoes

A foot orthosis with a metatarsal dome relieves symptoms by reducing the pressure on the toes and preventing injuries while ensuring good alignment of the foot while walking.

It is recommended to wear an adapted shoe that respects the anatomy of the foot and does not compress the forefoot or the toes. The features to prefer are a heel lower than one inch and a thick sole, ideally a rocker sole.