Supplier: Bauerfeind

Model: Malleotrain

Code: 104031

Malleotrain ankle brace


The Bauerfeind Malleotrain® ankle brace has two adapted, contoured pads that help treat and relieve a painful ankle and reduce swelling following an injury or osteoarthritis.



  • Preventative Features – Reduced compression edges
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric that molds to the natural shape of the ankle for a supportive fit
  • Stabilization of the ankle thanks to the viscoelastic pads which accelerate the resorption of edemas and effusions
  • Elastic fibers in the fabric that allow easy donning and doffing


Who is it for?

  • Active people: team sports, running, hiking, indoor training
  • Pathologies: post-operative or post-traumatic irritation (e.g. after a sprain), joint effusions and swelling due to osteoarthritis and arthritis, tendomyopathies, ligament weaknesses