Supplier: Continent Globe (Amylior)

Model: GS200

Code: 132357

Scooter – GS200


Live performance on a daily basis

The Continent Globe Gs200 compact scooter offers all the functionality of a luxury scooter while maintaining the agility of a small scooter. It is the only one in its category to offer 40 AH batteries, resulting in a range of nearly 25 km.



Equipped with electronic controls, the Gs200 also has the following features:

  • Four wheel suspension
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • USB plug
  • LED light set with turn signals
  • Control panel with charge indicator wing mirror
  • Double cup holder
  • Folding transportable basket
  • Tires with inner tube



Maximum speed 10 km/h
Capacity 160 kg (350 lb)
Autonomy 25 kms
Suspension Oui
Batteries 40 AH
Colors Blue