Supplier: Continent Globe

Model: GS500

Code: 127301

Scooter – GS500


For a refined sporty driving

The new Continent Globe GS500 scooter delivers a refined design while keeping quality in the foreground.



  • Independent four-wheel suspension
  • Dual adjustment handlebar
  • USB plug
  • LED light play with flashing
  • Control panel with charge indicator
  • Seat with suspension
  • Double cup holder
  • Transportable folding basket
  • Black hard tires
  • Trunk with key



Net weight 108 kg (240 lb)
Maximum speed 15 km/h
Capacity 160 kg (350 lb)
Autonomy 33 km
Batteries 75 AH

** Possibility of increasing the battery to 100 AH **

Suspension Yes
Colors Red