Supplier: Pride Mobility

Model: Zero Turn 10

Code: 132311

Scooter – Zero Turn 10


A happy blend of design, performance and maneuverability

Combining elegance and contemporary design, the Zero Turn 10 from Pride Mobility offers powerful equipment. The latter is the perfect combination for performance on both level terrain and trails. Its great maneuverability gives it versatile use both indoors and outdoors.



  • iTurn Technology® which ensures unparalleled stability
  • Ergonomic handles that allow you to operate the scooter with one hand and rest your wrist
  • CTS suspension and dual motors provide a smooth, comfortable ride over a variety of terrains
  • USB charger integrated into the drawbar for convenient charging of smartphones and portable devices
  • Integrated storage / cup holder
  • Deluxe folding 18 “x 17” seat with swivel, sliders and armrests adjustable in height, width, depth and angle



Net weight 90 kg (197.6 lbs)
Maximum speed 11.3 km/h
Capacity 182 kg (400 lb)
Batteries 40 AH
Autonomy 40 kms
Suspension Yes
Colors Red