Supplier: Continent Globe

Model: CGT Deluxe

Code: 119038

Wheelchair – deluxe


The CGT transport chair is of superior quality to ensure comfort for the user and to allow the caregiver to propel the chair with ease.



  • Aluminum construction
  • Folding backrest with quick release for easy storage
  • Retractable armrests
  • Brakes for the caregiver
  • Retractable footrest



Model 1 19in wide – 8in wheels – Weight: 25lbs – Capacity: 285lb
Model 2 19in wide – 12in wheels – Weight: 28lbs – Capacity: 285lbs
Model 3 17in wide – 12in wheels – Weight: 28lbs – Capacity: 285lb
Model 4 22in wide – 12in wheels – Weight: 30lbs – Capacity: 400lbs
Colors available Blue