Ankle osteoarthritis

What is ankle osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as chronic degenerative joint disease, is characterized by degeneration of the cartilage of the joints.


How can it be recognized?

Ankle osteoarthritis is manifested by a certain degree of pain, occurring in the daytime during joint movements.

Following a trauma of the leg or the foot, tibiotarsal arthrosis can affect the ankle, although these cases are relatively rare.


Treatment solutions for ankle osteoarthritis

  1. Opt for a foot orthosis

A foot orthosis can help relieve the symptoms of ankle osteoarthritis: it offers more stability and better support for the foot and ankle and maintains the alignments of the lower limbs while controlling pronation during walking.

  1. Wear an ankle brace

Wearing an ankle brace helps optimize the stability of the joint.

  1. Choose an orthopedic shoe

It is recommended to wear an adapted shoe that has a heel lower than one inch and high reinforcements to offer the ankle optimum stability and facilitate walking.

  1. Turn to a custom-made shoe

A custom-made shoe is made according to specific characteristics to meet the needs of your condition. It has the necessary space to contain the deformations and the foot orthosis and allows increased efficacy.