What is a callosity?

A callosity is recognized by a thickening of the skin on the areas of the sole of the foot, the heel or the outer side of the big toe. The resulting degree of pain varies depending on the inflammation.


Where does it come from?

Formation of callosities may be due to a collapsed metatarsal head or an area with excessive pressure: the skin thickens in the places where the friction of the bone with the bottom of the shoe or with the ground is recurrent. Over a short period, friction triggers what is called a blister and, in the long term, a callosity.


Treatment solutions for callosities

A foot orthosis hollowed like a small bowl under the callosity reduces the pressure on it and relieves the painful area. By uniformizing the pressure under the foot, it also eliminates friction and makes the callosities disappear.

It is recommended to wear an adapted shoe that respects the anatomy of the foot, improves its maintenance, minimizes the pressure points under the foot and avoids friction on the toes. The features to prefer are plenty of space in the forefoot and solid rear reinforcements.