Genu varum

What is genu varum?

Genu varum is a deformation that is the opposite of genu valgum (knock-knees), involving outward curvature of the legs.


Where does it come from?

In children: it may be the consequence of bone disease, such as rickets.

In adults: it may come from untreated or poorly treated childhood genu varum or a poorly consolidated fracture.


How can it be recognized?

The presence of genu varum is easy to notice. When a person with this problem brings his ankles together, you can recognize that his legs are bowed and that his knees cannot stay together.

Since this knee deformation displaces the forces and pressure points in the joint, it creates a predisposition to gonarthrosis.


Treatment solutions for genu varum

  1. Opt for a foot orthosis

In a case of genu varum, wearing a foot orthosis can help maintain or restore the good alignment of the knee and distribute the loads better on the joint.