Spotlight on the job of Secretary-Receptionist

Are you looking for a rewarding job where you can put your empathetic nature, drive and sense of responsibility to good use? Then you should learn more about the role of a receptionist!

Find out why these people are essential to any organization.


Why are secretaries and receptionists so important?

First of all, it is important to understand that the person who occupies the position of secretary-receptionist is literally the first face of our branches.

For example, it is the secretary-receptionist’s job to answer the phone and greet visitors and customers with courtesy. This is what makes them feel welcome, and more importantly, sets the tone for the experience that awaits them. A warm and friendly first contact is often enough to put new customers at ease.


What are the qualifications for a secretary-receptionist position?

Generally, the secretary-receptionist position is an entry-level position. The job description responsibilities therefore require soft skills.

In the majority of cases, no specific training in secretarial or other related fields is required. Instead, it seems to rely on people skills such as compassion, interpersonal skills, open-mindedness and initiative.

For example, the position of secretary-receptionist at Médicus mentions in its offer that it is looking for skills such as

  • High school diploma (DES)
  • Versatility and teamwork
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in retail sales / customer service
  • Comfortable with customers with reduced mobility and elderly customers


Tasks and responsibilities

Obviously, the tasks and responsibilities of the secretary-receptionist may change from one company to another. Nevertheless, the overall picture remains much the same and highlights a description of activities such as:

  • Keeping reception areas (such as the lobby and waiting room) clean, pleasant and safe
  • Welcoming visitors: providing information to potential clients, guiding clients with appointments to the right resources, etc.
  • Performing certain administrative tasks such as photocopying, filing, file updates and faxing
  • Ensures the proper amount of supplies needed for the well-being of clients in the waiting area, as well as reception desk supplies (pencils, stationery, envelopes, informational flyers, etc.)
  • Maintain appointment calendars, and schedule clients when requested
  • Assist clinic staff with related tasks


Are you looking for a secretary-receptionist job in Quebec?

Currently, many employers in Quebec are looking for employees to fill administrative positions. For the past few years, the position of secretary-receptionist has been one of the most frequently advertised on job boards. Médicus is no exception: many of our branches across the province are looking for secretary-receptionists!

If we are looking for people who are truly committed to their work, we are fully able to reward their efforts with good conditions – and a stimulating work environment.

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