Holidays gift ideas

The holiday season is fast approaching, and shopping will begin soon. Whether it is to plan family receptions or purchase thegifts, it is better to plan ahead so as not to be at the last minute!

Who says gifts says suggestions lists! Each year being no exception, it is sometimes difficult to find original gift ideas and surprise those you love. That’s why we thought of you so that you can draw from these ideas that will please everyone.

Beveled orthopedic cushion — 16 degrees

A versatile ally for the bedroom and the living room. Positioned vertically, it allows better alignment of the spine, shoulders and trapezius. This cushion offers a stable and comfortable position to enjoy “just another page” of your favorite novel. And horizontally, it will bring you comfort while ensuring unobstructed breathing, restful sleep and efficient digestion.

Exercise pedalboard

During the bitter cold of winter, it is more difficult to go out for fresh air. Why not opt ​​for an easy and safe cardiovascular workout from the comfort of home? This pedal exerciser stimulates circulation, has a variable resistance adjustment handle and is compact and lightweight. Plus, it’s easy to fold up and store. Very practical for not cluttering up or for small spaces.

Luminotherapy glasses

During the winter, we are all deprived of natural light. Especially when working indoors, it is more difficult to enjoy the beautiful days. Fortunately, the Luminette3, designed in the practical form of glasses, is the ideal solution! Thanks to this, it is possible to go about your business without losing a second of this precious light. In addition, it offers several benefits such as effectively treating seasonal depression, sleep disorders and circadian rhythm disorders (jet lag, night work).

Pedicure spa Footbath

It is always nice to have a soothing massage, for an effortless rest. When we think of a massage, we often think of going to the spa, but why not do it in the comfort of your own home? The HoMedics® Pedicure Spa Foot Bath with Heat offers feet a soothing bubble massage with water jets. As the feet are the basis of our body, we understand the importance of taking good care of them.

– Chantal Baulne, shoe consultant

Gift certificate for a complete and personalized biomechanical assessment

Nowadays, it is important to understand your body well, to better activate it. Every body has its own unique way of moving. Understanding its mechanics could help improve day-to-day comfort with every step. Everyone, without exception, can benefit from a biomechanical assessment! It can detect any persistent muscle or joint discomfort and facilitate rehabilitation or rehabilitation after an injury.

– Jean-François Renaud, medical equipment advisor